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A story of success




I would like to introduce myself, my name is Keith and I own Chestnut Ridge Candle Co.,  Chestnut Ridge Hearth and Home, and Chestnut Ridge Tea Co.  In 1984 I began a career in customer service that I've thoroughly enjoyed, and being a licensed mechanical contractor, my business rewarded me with the opportunity to meet my customers on a personal level inside their homes and there I learned what people liked and took note of it.  

Fast forward to 2017.  

A cold January day I found this very old (1906) brick building in the heart of downtown Bowdon Georgia, I called my realtor and friend Cindy to see it.  The moment I opened the door I knew I had to own it!  3 weeks later the key was mine!  I began construction...with no plans of what it should or could be.  I would just walk in the building and listen to God, and his direction was what created these wonderful companies I own.  

Chestnut Ridge Candle Company was born from the love I have for having a comfortable and inviting home with fragrances that make you feel "At Home" and the peace I receive from watching the candle flame as it flickers on the wick.

 I chose 100% American soy wax because of the clean burning properties over paraffin wax, and we only use natural cotton wicks.  With over 75 unique fragrances  there is a candle just for you!

We highly scent our candles with only the very best Phthalate free fragrance oils because I care what we all breathe!

Each candle is made at the time you place your or order and we are trying to get your candle shipped the same week you request it.  

Spend as much time in our website as you want, and if you have any questions just send us a message.

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